Smucker Company, a leading wall and ceiling contracting business based in Lancaster, PA, and Spacecon LLC, a leading wall and ceiling contracting business based in New Castle, Delaware, are pleased to announce that they have entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement whereby Smucker Company will acquire substantially all of Spacecon’s operating assets effective November 1, 2018.

Smucker Company will retain Spacecon’s two existing office locations in New Castle and Georgetown, Delaware, and will continue Spacecon’s operations in Delaware and Eastern Maryland. Spacecon’s existing leadership, office, and field teams, led by Tom Dilley, will transition to Smucker Company and will continue to provide light gauge and structural steel framing, drywall installation, ceilings and other related interior and exterior services to commercial building contractors and owners working throughout the area.

The combination of the Smucker Company and Spacecon businesses will bring together two strong contracting organizations with similar processes, cultures and aspirations. Because they have historically operated just across the Pennsylvania state border from each other, their combination will enhance the capabilities and strengths of both organizations as well as expand the range of coverage that they can provide to their existing customers.

Merv Smucker, President of Smucker Company, said: “We have extremely high regard for Tom Dilley and the entire Spacecon team. Both of our companies have great growth opportunities, and by combining forces we can leverage existing resources, expand our customer service capabilities, and provide more stability and opportunity for the employees of both organizations.”

Bob Yelinski, President of Spacecon LLC, said: “Smucker Company is our perfect acquisition partner. Not only do they know our business well, they have the same employee and customer-service philosophies that we do.  If I were starting out in this business again, I would be looking forward to a great career with a company like Smucker Company.”

For further information, contact Merv Smucker or Tom Dilley.

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