Noise control is an active or passive means of reducing sound emissions, often brought about by the need for personal comfort, environmental considerations or legal compliance. Practical noise control is wholly reliant on an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the noise. Once the source of noise has been found, the focus can be switched to reducing the noise at the source by engineering means.
Through our vast experience in installing acoustic insulation panels and sound-absorbing jacketing, our company can provide the noise control solution for projects ranging from industrial power plants to the smallest residential construction.

Acoustic Insulation Panels

For noise control purposes, we can outfit various specialized structures with acoustic panels consisting of rigid insulation wrapped with fabric. Our panel systems enhance a building’s aesthetic appeal while soaking up sound in the loudest of rooms. We work with dozens of traditional panels that vary widely in texture and finish and are mainly comprised of mineral fiber, paper and gypsum. No matter what your need and application, we have the installation and material expertise to handle the toughest noise control jobs.